Meet our new minister, the Rev. Dr. Nancy Hitt

Rev. Nancy can be reached either by email at or at her home phone: 505-717-2899. If you call either the church (896-8192) or her home, please leave a message so she can return your call.


Pursuing the Vision…..

UU Westside resides in the City of Vision in the Land of Enchantment. What more could anyone ask for in accepting a call to ministry?

Having assumed the duties of your Consulting Minister on the first of the year, it’s been an exciting beginning in many different ways. As your Consulting Minister I am charged with being your “spiritual guide and partner” and to “direct your congregation in its unique growth process”. Consulting Minsters are always part time and, unlike Interim Ministers who are (usually) forbidden to accept a full time call at the church they are serving, the Consulting Minister may do so. The duties of the Consulting Minister are less comprehensive than a full time Called Minister and are decided by the people and the minister based on the needs of the congregation and the skills of the minister. Another primary difference is that a Called Minister is decided upon by majority vote of the membership as stipulated in its by-laws. The Consulting Minister is called on the basis of the governing board’s vote.

So here I am, working 20 hrs./week at UUWC. I am contracted to lead Sunday Services twice a month and to do whatever other clergy tasks arise in the life of the community. That pretty much covers the role of “spiritual guide and partner” as well as the task to “direct your congregation in its unique growth process”. I am thoroughly enjoying the Sunday Services and the opportunities for pastoral care that have arisen. I really love the opportunity to engage people at the levels of heart and mind in all sorts of circumstances. As I shared in a recent sermon, I am a process oriented person. That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about results; I surely do! What it means is that I will use my existing skills to support the processes of communication and growth at UU Westside.

I realize that this article doesn’t really tell you very much that’s specific about what I expect to happen at Westside. That’s because it’s more of a “getting to know me” article than a “here’s what’s going to happen article.” I can’t tell you what’s going to happen because that’s not up to me; it’s up to you. What I can tell you now is that whatever the congregation comes up with, I will do my best to provide spiritual guidance and to nurture our ethical growth into an ever larger and healthier community. I know you all have ideas about that, so please share them with me!


Rev. Nancy Hitt


Quoted material in this article is taken from the website in its description of consulting and interim minister.