Westside Forum June 2012 Jason Marks, PRC: Renewable Energy in NM

Saturday, June 16th, 3 – 4 pm

Come hear New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner Jason Marks speak on

Renewable Energy in New Mexico

Get an up-date on what is happening with renewable energy resources in New Mexico and what the future might hold.

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Free & open to all (donations gratefully accepted).

Where: 1650 Abrazo Road NE, Rio Rancho, NM


A Renewable Energy Standard that requires us to get 20 percent of our energy from renewable sources by 2020 would create:

  • 820,000 new jobs from renewable energy development
  • $66.7 billion in new capital investment
  • $25.6 billion in income to farmers, ranchers, and rural landowners
  • $2 billion in new local tax revenues
  • $10.5 billion in lower electricity and natural gas bills by 2020 (growing to $31.8 billion by 2030)
  • Reductions in global warming pollution equal to taking 36.4 million cars off the road


Energy Efficiency is Easy and Saves you Money

The cleanest way to meet our electricity needs is by using less of it in the first place. By planning intelligently and using existing technology, we can cut our electricity consumption and slow down the meter. Improving energy efficiency lowers energy bills, eliminates the need for new power plants, increases our energy security, and keeps our environment clean.


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Democratizing the Electricity System – A Vision for the 21st Century Grid | The New Rules Project


The third Saturday of each month the UUWC Social Action Committee hosts people making change in NM and nationally.  Come learn with us as they share their insights on crucial issues and tell how we can make a difference.  UUWC – SAC supports the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, an international organization working to promote social justice and humanitarian programs in the U.S. and worldwide.  We also support gay rights and participate in the annual ABQ Gay Pride Parade.

Westside Forum (2012.03) Energy & Climate Change Issues & Policies

from Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation website


William M. Brown, Earth Scientist on


The Climate Reality Project:
What’s Happening!


Current Energy and Climate Change

Issues and Policies in the US


On behalf of The Climate Change Reality Project, initiated by Al Gore, Bill will provide current information on Southwest US climate change impacts plus a brief overview of solutions at the March, 2012 WESTSIDE FORUM.

William (Bill) M. Brown was an Earth Scientist with the US Geological Survey for 36 years.  He led projects on the environmental impacts of human activities in the US and seven other countries.  Bill has worked as a research team manager and/or researcher on global minerals and energy, the White House Council on Environmental Quality, International Mining, the Minerals and Sustainable Development Project; and as a Budget Analyst in the US Department of the Interior.  He has authored more than 60 research papers, books, and government administrative publications in addition to numerous newspaper, magazine and online articles.



The Great Energy Challenge

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