UUWC Artist’s Corner Celebrates Black History Month

Gamin, circa 1929 By: Augusta Savage Courtesy: D. C. Driskell Center University of Maryland.
by Jo Ann King
2012 February

Hello Everybody! As many of you may have heard I will be taking the helm on the local art scenes in the Rio Rancho, Corrales, Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Thea Morton is still very much involved in the art scene and will be assisting me as she can with art presentations and local art news. The coming monthly articles will focus mainly on visual arts and highlighting two to three community events, exploring art in history, and artist’s reviews.

With February being Black History month, I felt it would be an excellent opportunity to explore the contributions that Black artist have given to the art community. Many of these unsung artisans have inspired countless individuals to reach for their innate artistic dreams in spite of the social and financial obstacles that can impair them…


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