World Water Day, March 22: Commit2Respond begins first major collective campaign.

Are you ready? On World Water Day, March 22, Commit2Respond will begin its first major collective campaign. Climate Justice Month will launch us into a fully-fledged movement, but only if we all join together.

Climate Justice Month quote

Be a Climate Justice Month leader! Here are 5 ways you can get ready for Climate Justice Month:
  1. Sign up to receive the Climate Justice Month daily messages in your inbox, full of faith-filled resources, powerful practices to engage in, and tools to understand how shifting to a low carbon future, advancing human rights, and growing the movement are our moral charge.
  2. Follow and share the daily messages by liking/following Commit2Respond on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Gather a group of friends, family, or people from your faith community if you have one and set aside time once or twice a week during Climate Justice Month to reflect together on the daily messages and discern how to support each other in committing to long term actions.
  4. If you are part of a congregation, plan to celebrate World Water Day and Earth Day. Climate Justice Month will kick off with Climate Justice Sunday, and new worship resources for the entire month are now available.
  5. Spread the word! It will take all of us to grow into a movement. Forward this email to your friends and community members, and check out our media page for cool shareable materials.

Get ready to revel in connection with the natural world, reckon with the impacts and injustices of climate change, reconnect with hope through relationship, and commit to long-term actions that will help save our world.

In anticipation and excitement,
Your fellow Commit2Respond leaders


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Sat Aug 3rd, 10am – Rally at the Rio! to put Climate Change back in the Spotlight

In the spirit of UU Principles 5 – 7:

  • The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large;
  • The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;
  • Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

Will you join us on August 3rd to put climate change back in the spotlight? In the heat of the summer, more than a dozen local environmental groups are coming together to send the message that we have a moral obligation to deal with this issue NOW.

WHAT: Rally at the Rio!
WHEN: Saturday, August 3rd, 10:00AM
WHERE: 2700 Central Ave SW, Abq, NM (near the BioPark)

Please click here to RSVP.

Our rally is just one of many actions happening this summer as part of the national Summer Heat mobilization. From tar-sands-free flotillas to civil disobedience, folks across the country are braving the summer heat to call for climate action. August 3rd is our chance to be part of the uprising.

Let’s make our Rally at the Rio huge. Bring a friend, and help spread the word on Facebook too. For more information and a printable event flyer, visit

See you there,

Bill Balassi & 350NM

Westside Forum June 2012 Jason Marks, PRC: Renewable Energy in NM

Saturday, June 16th, 3 – 4 pm

Come hear New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner Jason Marks speak on

Renewable Energy in New Mexico

Get an up-date on what is happening with renewable energy resources in New Mexico and what the future might hold.

speaker bio.

Free & open to all (donations gratefully accepted).

Where: 1650 Abrazo Road NE, Rio Rancho, NM


A Renewable Energy Standard that requires us to get 20 percent of our energy from renewable sources by 2020 would create:

  • 820,000 new jobs from renewable energy development
  • $66.7 billion in new capital investment
  • $25.6 billion in income to farmers, ranchers, and rural landowners
  • $2 billion in new local tax revenues
  • $10.5 billion in lower electricity and natural gas bills by 2020 (growing to $31.8 billion by 2030)
  • Reductions in global warming pollution equal to taking 36.4 million cars off the road

Energy Efficiency is Easy and Saves you Money

The cleanest way to meet our electricity needs is by using less of it in the first place. By planning intelligently and using existing technology, we can cut our electricity consumption and slow down the meter. Improving energy efficiency lowers energy bills, eliminates the need for new power plants, increases our energy security, and keeps our environment clean.


10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green | Worldwatch Institute

NRDC Energy Smackdown Take our 12-step program to lower energy bills and a more comfortable home. Check it out now!

Democratizing the Electricity System – A Vision for the 21st Century Grid | The New Rules Project


The third Saturday of each month the UUWC Social Action Committee hosts people making change in NM and nationally.  Come learn with us as they share their insights on crucial issues and tell how we can make a difference.  UUWC – SAC supports the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, an international organization working to promote social justice and humanitarian programs in the U.S. and worldwide.  We also support gay rights and participate in the annual ABQ Gay Pride Parade.