Vote Nov 19 ABQ Abortion

disclaimer:  this post is intended to educate the community on Nov. 19th election issues. It is posed by individual members of UU Westside Congregation’s Social Action Committee and IS NOT an official position of UUWC.



Voting Locations for Early Voting and Election Day (Nov. 19th)

Remember: you must bring a photo ID to cast a ballot in this election.

Visit the City Clerk’s Office Website to learn what forms of ID are accepted at polling places.


 not only will we defeat this ballot measure, but we will also tell all of the out-of-state groups who are behind this ballot measure that New Mexico refuses to have the government interfere in a woman’s deeply personal decisions. We respect women to make the right decision for themselves and their families.

~ Jennifer Ford, Campaign Director Respect ABQ Women


learn more about ABQ Nov 19th election:…/albuquerque-becomes-latest-focal-point-in-abortion-…Sep 4, 2013

WATCH Christie’s Story

“We were ready to give our two year old a brother or sister. And everything with the pregnancy went pretty well until we went for our 20 week ultrasound. One of the doctors said “your baby is very sick.” I could carry the baby to term and watch her suffocate or I could end the pregnancy early and let her go peacefully.”

Voice over: Doctors and Nurses ask you to vote no on the ordinance that puts government in a family’s private decisions.

“I never thought I would ever need an abortion. I think politicians need to leave these decisions to the family and to the doctors.”

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know, or visit our website at, and remember to like us on Facebook.  We are so proud of what you’ve done so far, and look forward to working hard with each and every one of you…!


We have been privileged to have so many strong community leaders and organizations stand with Respect ABQ Women and we couldn’t be more proud. Last week, as you may have already heard, American Hero Dolores Huerta endorsed the Respect ABQ Women campaign. Our local Telemundo station did a great interview with Dolores about our efforts.


Telemundo coverage of Dolores Huerta and Respect ABQ Women


We hope you enjoyed the video and will share it with your friends and family and on your Facebook page.


You are going to see a lot more out of state groups coming in to our hometown to try to force this ballot measure on us. This is why we need you to join our campaign and help us talk to as many Albuquerque voters as possible. Please forward this email to your friends and ask them to join our campaign.

take action in the HALLOWEEN CANVAS – Trick or Vote

Saturday, November 2nd, 9:30-1:30 p.m.

Westside Forum – James Lewis, NM State Treasurer


Saturday, Feb 16TH – 3PM
at UU Westside

1650 Abrazo Rd, Rio Rancho, NM


NM State Treasurer James B. Lewis


The longest serving treasurer in NM State history, Treasurer Lewis serves as the state’s banker and is a member of all State financial and investment boards, with a combined fiduciary responsibility of $40 billion.

Treasurer Lewis has served in government management and finance positions, both elected and appointed, with federal, state, county and city agencies including Chief Administrative Officer for the City of ABQ, Rio Rancho City Administrator, Dir/Asst Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Energy, Director of the Oil, Gas and Mineral Division of the NM Commission of Public Lands, Chief of Staff to Gov. Bruce King, and Bernalillo County Treasurer. Army veteran Lewis holds undergraduate degrees in education and business administration and a Masters degree in Public Administration.

Among his accomplishments as Treasurer, Mr. Lewis has initiated evaluating every position in the agency and reorganized the office to enhance proficiency, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity; addressed labor/management, independent assessment, and Native investment issues.

Playing in February, Genetic Roulette

produced by the Institute for Responsible Technology
Learn the background of SB-18 GMO Labeling bill, recently killed in NM and other states.
Vegetarian food requested, but nothing will be turned away!


Westside Forum™ is a project of Unitarian Universalist Westside Congregation’s Social Action Committee. The Forum is a non-partisan service to the community at large.
All are welcome. FREE, donations gratefully accepted.
UU is a liberal religion that embraces theological diversity; we welcome different beliefs, affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and work for social and environmental justice
Contact: Priscilla at (505) 896-8192 or

Westside Forum June 2012 Jason Marks, PRC: Renewable Energy in NM

Saturday, June 16th, 3 – 4 pm

Come hear New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner Jason Marks speak on

Renewable Energy in New Mexico

Get an up-date on what is happening with renewable energy resources in New Mexico and what the future might hold.

speaker bio.

Free & open to all (donations gratefully accepted).

Where: 1650 Abrazo Road NE, Rio Rancho, NM


A Renewable Energy Standard that requires us to get 20 percent of our energy from renewable sources by 2020 would create:

  • 820,000 new jobs from renewable energy development
  • $66.7 billion in new capital investment
  • $25.6 billion in income to farmers, ranchers, and rural landowners
  • $2 billion in new local tax revenues
  • $10.5 billion in lower electricity and natural gas bills by 2020 (growing to $31.8 billion by 2030)
  • Reductions in global warming pollution equal to taking 36.4 million cars off the road

Energy Efficiency is Easy and Saves you Money

The cleanest way to meet our electricity needs is by using less of it in the first place. By planning intelligently and using existing technology, we can cut our electricity consumption and slow down the meter. Improving energy efficiency lowers energy bills, eliminates the need for new power plants, increases our energy security, and keeps our environment clean.


10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green | Worldwatch Institute

NRDC Energy Smackdown Take our 12-step program to lower energy bills and a more comfortable home. Check it out now!

Democratizing the Electricity System – A Vision for the 21st Century Grid | The New Rules Project


The third Saturday of each month the UUWC Social Action Committee hosts people making change in NM and nationally.  Come learn with us as they share their insights on crucial issues and tell how we can make a difference.  UUWC – SAC supports the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, an international organization working to promote social justice and humanitarian programs in the U.S. and worldwide.  We also support gay rights and participate in the annual ABQ Gay Pride Parade.

Aldo Leopold in New Mexico

Saturday, April 21, 3pm at UUWC

Don Becker, UU Westside Social Action Committee and Westside Forum chair, announces:

Anthony “Tony” Anella  presenting

Aldo Leopold in New Mexico & New Mexico in Aldo Leopold.

Admission is free; donations are accepted. Please calendar the event and tell your friends about this opportunity to learn more about the practical aspects and issues related to ecology through the life of a major pioneer for modern environmental concerns and issues.

Aldo Leopold authored the environmental classics: A Sand County Almanac and Round River. He worked for the Forest Service as well as being a naturalist, educator, and writer. He promoted a land ethic based upon “How can we live on the land without spoiling it?” Thinking Like a Mountain!

Mr. Anella is board secretary of the Aldo Leopold Foundation in Wisconsin and as a board member of the New Mexico Land Conservancy.  Mr. Anella is an artist, a writer, a designer, and an architect.  The professional accomplishment he is most proud of is the protection from development of 30,828 acres of the Montosa Ranch with a conservation easement.  This project is profiled in SAVING THE RANCH: Conservation Easement Design in the American West, Island Press (2004), which Mr.Anella co-authored with John B. Wright.