Spanish classes: fun innovative method in Rio Rancho

We have an offer to hold this class at UU Westside

contact Lisa at 505-604-8247 or ASAP if you are interested in a westside class.

Come learn Spanish with an exciting, fun and super effective method!

Hola Amigos —

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be offering a new SPANISH CLASS!

This class will be geared to Beginners, Advanced Beginners & Intermediates. We’ll be speaking, reading & writing.
If you haven’t taken a class from me, you’ll be glad to hear that this is NOT a repeat of your high school or even college classes. I use an exciting method that requires your creativity and participation. And research shows that if you’re having fun when you’re learning, the content will be available to you NOT for a few days or even hours BUT FOR LIFE! And believe me, a hallmark of my classes is lots of laughter!
Come and check it out & bring friends, because group synergy enhances the learning process!
Taking registrations NOW!
contact 505-604-8247 or for more information

Muchos Gracias!